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A N T I O X I D A N T   F A C I A L


Indulge your skin in the rejuvenating benefits of our Antioxidant Facial at Bliss Therapy. This luxurious treatment is specifically designed to combat the effects of environmental stressors and promote a radiant, youthful complexion. Our skilled estheticians will carefully select and apply antioxidant-rich products, packed with vitamins and nutrients, to nourish and protect your skin from free radicals. Experience the gentle exfoliation, deep hydration, and collagen-boosting properties of this facial, as it works to reduce the signs of aging, even out skin tone, and restore a natural glow. With the Antioxidant Facial, your skin will feel refreshed, revitalized, and ready to face the world with confidence. Let us unveil your skin's natural radiance and provide you with an unforgettable spa experience at Bliss Therapy. Good for Normal, Combination, Oily, Acneic and Aging skin.


Good for Normal, Combination, Oily, Acneic and Aging skin.


• Custom facial: 60 min
• Neck and shoulder massage


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